Bloody Murder 1 & 2 Reviews on Instagram!

I recently stumbled across two new reviews on Instagram for Bloody Murder and Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp. Check them out below...

BLOODY MURDER (2000) REVIEW ● A major ripoff to classic films like Friday the 13th of course. You can tell this film is completely inspired from Friday the 13th from the setting of the film (a summer camp) and the killer who wears a mechanical suit and hockey mask (I feel like we've seen this design many times). Anyways, Bloody Murder isn't necessarily a bad movie in my opinion, it's just completely unoriginal and it's all things we've seen before. The kills were solid but again, nothing we havent seen before, and the characters were pretty unlikable except for the main girl who was decent. The killer reveal has like two twists at the end and there was one scene that tried to play as the killer reveal scene and then decided to go with another twist on who the REAL killer is. It's a confusing segment of the film but nonetheless I find Bloody Murder to be a decent slasher flick to hardcore horror fans, but if you're looking for something fresh...this isnt it. My rating for Bloody Murder is a solid 6.5/10. A fun watch in my personal opinion but no award winning masterpiece. #bloodymurder2000 #bloodymurdermovie #trevormoorehouse #campplacidpines #placidpines #slashermovie #2000sslashers #2000shorror #late90shorror #hockeymaskkiller #summercampslasher #summercamphorrorstory #slasher #slasherfilms #bloodymurder2closingcamp #bloodymurder1999movie
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BLOODY MURDER II: CLOSING CAMP (2003) REVIEW ● Aside from the first film not being quite as good, I didn't expect too much from this one. However, it definitely made an improvement over its predecessor with both cast/character and death scenes. I'm going to begin by saying the death scenes in this sequel were really gory, especially that one dude the killer got in the camp restrooms when he was, terrifying!. The very first murder in this sequel is also quite gory! You want all the details then check out the movie!. The killer's costume design is MUCH BETTER in this movie as it's not a complete Jason ripoff like the first movie. In this film, the killer has an even more terrifying mask (think of the mask from the movie HUSH) with a black beanie and button up coveralls. It's one hella creepy killer design!! Now the characters in this sequel were much more enjoyable (especially Tiffany Shepis) who gave her all in this movie and honestly I wished #tiffanyshepis was the final girl in this film! She was great throughout the whole film and was disappointed to see her get slaughtered off the grid. The ending scene was pretty good! The killer reveal had two twists again but this time it was more clear! There was really two killers in this film, Trevor Moorehouse and Trevor's vengeful father!. Overall I highly enjoyed this slasher flick and would recommend this to the hardcore slasher fans! I'd give this film a 8/10 a major improvement over the first film with plenty of typical horror tropes that's been used before...however I think this movie handled it better than the predecessor. Anyone else enjoy Bloody Murder 2 over the first? #bloodymurder2closingcamp #bloodymurder2 #bloodymurder2closingcamp2003 #trevormoorehouse #trevormoorehousekiller #summercampslashers #summercamphorror #closingcamp #horrorsequel #somesequelsarebetter #horrorfilms #horrormovies #slashermovies #slasherfilms #2000shorror #2003
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