Adam & Evil

Adam & Evil was released in the UK under the title Halloween Camp 2: Scream If You Wanna Die Faster -- this is relevant because Bloody Murder 2 was released in the UK as Halloween Camp.
Fireworks explode amongst a group of sexy high school graduates, stoked for a weekend of partying at a remote campground.  With alcohol flowing and hormones raging, the future has never looked brighter.

But behind them a deadly past follows hot on their heels.  Four years ago, an entire family was killed in a terrible fire and now someone out there carries a grudge...and an axe.

As darkness falls, a murderer begins hacking away at a grisly secret that binds the friends together.  Blood soaked and guilt-ridden, the surviving parties better fight for their lives or they're all going down in flames.

Sean Arnfinson...Adam
Dave Barton...Father
Lynsey Brothers...Yvette
Erica Cerra...Yvonne
James Clayton...Shane (as Clayton Champagne)
Jeffrey Fisher...Clint
Jodie Graham...Earl
Brody Harms...Matt
Barbara Kottmeier...Evelyn
Elle Mortis...Marge
Terran Orletsky...Rob
Tiffany Paterson...Rachel (as Tiffany Patterson)
Richard Patterson...Billy
Kevin Robson...Seth
Sandra Steier...Mother (as Sandy Steier)
Shane Twerdun...Dave
Vanessa Van Slee...Daughter
Allison Warnyca...Maureen

April 27, 2004

Andrew Van Slee

Andrew Van Slee


Connection to the Bloody Murder Films
Here's the Bloody Murder 2 UK cover art...

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