Interview - Tiffany Shepis

The interview below was conducted by Matt Mosley via online communication in 2004.

So, how did you end up playing "Angela" in Bloody Murder 2? Did you have to audition like everyone else or were you offered the part outright on account of being the Scream Queen that you are?
I had to audition like everybody else. I got to come in late in the game at least and just read for the director but still had to go in there and prove worthy of taking off all my clothes and dying a good death. ;)
When you got the part had you already seen the first movie? If not, did you go back and watch original? What did you think of it?
I had not seen the first movie. I heard about it and thought...."this movie can't be as bad as everybody says"....and I was right....IT WAS WORSE!!!! So I figured even if B.M.2 sucked it will look like a masterpiece next to the first so we were in good shape.
How long did it take to make the movie and where did you stay during production? Hotel, trailer, or in the cabins like they did whilst making the first film?
If I remember correct it took like a month. They had us staying these tee-pe like cabins which really sucked... so me and the other two chicks went and got a hotel.
How did you get along with your other cast members?
They were all ok. Except for the brown haired chick?? She was a CUNT...bitch didn't pay her share of the hotel and I got stuck with it cause it was my cc. Guess it was my fault to trust a lil iceskating big tit brunette. Oh well. I talk to Kelly Gunning once in awhile on myspace..he's a cool dude.
Who was your favorite person to hang out with on set?
I mostly hung out with the crew or fx guy.
Were there any drama queens (or kings)?
Honestly can't remember. It was so long ago. From what I remember everybody was pretty cool. I think the Blonde cried a few times...but I may just be making that up. ;)
Do you still keep in contact with any of the people you worked with on the movie or worked with any of them since?
Kelly Gunning-Just got an email from Tom the fx guy the other day. That's it.
How did you feel about reading that your part again required nudity? How comfortable are you with screen nudity? Was it a closed set?
Not "Again" I think B.M.2 was the first time I was really naked on screen. I'm ok with it....obviously and yes it is a closed set. Besides how else would we get all those horny crew guys to rent the movie if they saw it in person???
Any funny stories about the shoot? Any actors get it on behind the scenes?
The 2 Kelly's were pretty close. Not sure they may have even got married..I know they dated for a LONG time. My boyfriend in the movie Tom and the stealing money brunette chick hooked up I think as well.
You did a film with Brad Sykes who is known for (well I don't want to say the awful) Camp Blood. What was he like to work with?
Brad's a nice guy. The movie we did was a hard shoot. Sucky conditions and no money but he himself is a pretty cool dude.
Would you ever consider doing Camp Blood 4 with him if it was ever brought to the table? 
If they had a bunch of money to hand me...yup!
You seem to be in around 6 movies a year. How many scripts are flat out offered to you and how many do you think you turn down?!
I read that The Hazing and Nightmare Man are your favorite of all the films you've been in. Where does BM2 appear on your 46 movies so far?
It would have to be my 3rd favorite. I really like the way BM2 turned out. I thought it was shot really well...the death scenes were awesome and the story was lame but worked. Do think some of those other chicks shoulda got naked and I shoulda died later...but oh well. ;P
You served as an associate producer on Ghosts of Genius and co-producer on Unconventional. Can you see yourself ever being a horror producer as well as an actress? Afterall, it is costing less and less to make good horror films these writer/producer/directors and Mini-DV.
People ask me to produce all the time.. I love doing it..just need to find the time in-between acting stuff to do it. I'm sure you will see alot more of that from me in the next few years...after all i'm getting OLD. ;)
You've worked with Rolfe Kanefsky 6 or 7 times. What do you like so much about him? 
Rolfe just gets me and he gets my sense of humor. We are really good friends so it makes it that much I know I always have a job with him. :)
Embrace the Darkness III -- it's pretty porny. What did you think when you first read it?
I thought wow this is pretty porny. Then I said wow this pays a shitload of money..then I said and hmmm it's kinda horror. I didnt' mind that movie that much..even with all the sex stuff, I thought my character was fun and I had a ball shooting it.
Have you ever looked up the comments about you on IMDb? Have you ever posted as another name like Halle Berry did?
Haha.. I have seen a few. Mostly stuff about my ass...pretty fuun. No I never posted as somebody else. Why did she do that???
A few people on your website seem to be very anti Misty Mundae. Is there a story with you and her we don't know about?
No. I have only met her once for like 3 seconds, but the boys on there have there own opinion ..maybe they just don't like her..??...
You've been making films for 12 years, think you'll still be making them in another 12? (You'll be 40)
I'll be 39 DICK thanks for pointing it out. I hope in 12 years i'll just be raising my daughter and going to pta meetings...making one GOOD movie a year.
Okay, last question, and it's definitely going to come across as very creepy. A lot of people only buy films in which you get naked (I collect all your films personally) -- what upcoming films of yours see you, erm, how do I say, "pop them out?"
Really? Holy 12 year old question. WTF? Watch all of them and you tell me. "Dark Reel", "Nympha", "Nightmare Man", "They Know", "Bleed 4 Me", "Bryan Loves You"....blah blah blah check out for the rest of the list.
Tiffany Shepis, you're a great personality and quite possibly the number 1 cause of blindness in males ages 14 to 44. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Never give up the game, and never cover up. :)

Lots of love,