Sleepover Camp Massacre 14

The fictional movie-within-a-movie in Bloody Murder called Sleepover Camp Massacre 14 is really Fever Lake, a 1996 movie directed by Ralph Portillo, who also directed Bloody Murder.
It started out as a fun-filled weekend -- a group of friends staying in a charming old Victorian house by a lake.  But no one knew the terror that awaited them!

Get ready for one of the great scary movies of all time, as a curse from the past rises up to begin its deadly reckoning.  Nobody knows exactly what went wrong at Fever Lake so many years ago...what they do know is that it's happening again, and they must destroy the evil before it destroys them!

Filled with non-stop suspense, this is one of those bone-chilling killer-thrillers you know and love.  Absolutely entertaining from quiet start to bloody finish!

Cast (in credits order)
Bo Hopkins...Sheriff Harris
Corey Haim...Albert
Mario Lopez...Steve (as Mario López)
Lauren Parker...Sarah
Randy Josselyn...Bobby
Mary-Rachel Foot...Danielle
Mathea Webb...Christy
Michael Wise...Clear Springs
Edward Cullen-Grochowiak...Small Boy
Kevin Casey...Attacker
Paul Michael Sandberg...Deputy
Cynthia Baker...Marge
Lindsey Brooke...Lila
Stan Adams...Bud Martin
Mark Ginther...Harry Kemp
Lora Kaelber...Foster Mother


Ralph E. Portillo

Jalee Bailey (story), Michael Edwards