My Favorite Bloody Murder Review

Every now and then I look around the web for new reviews of the Bloody Murder films. Sometimes I even discover older reviews that I've missed. I've stumbled upon the review in question years ago but it somehow has slipped my mind until tonight. Doing a quick search on Google this old gem popped up. It's arguably my favorite review of Bloody Murder ever!


What a pathetic excuse for a horror film. I can't even comprehend how the makers of Friday the 13th couldn't sue the writers of this garabage. Talking about this movie just angers me. Bloody Murder is about teenage camp counselors who are stalked by a killer wearing a hockey mask. Sound familiar? Well it is. Bloody Murder completely ripped off Friday the 13th.

Let me give some examples. The killer's name in this film is Trevor Moorhouse. The killer's name in Friday the 13th is Jason Voorhees. Sound similar? What about the hockey mask, Jason wore a hockey mask in Friday the 13th, and whaddya know, Trevor wears one in Bloody Murder. Not to mention it all takes place and a camp in the woods, and the counselours are some stupid teens.

The filmmakers also rips off a scene from Friday the 13th, the one where the guy shoots the arrow into the target while the girl is setting it up. Well, there's a scene almost exactly the same in Bloody Murder.

Not only does this movie rip off Friday the 13th, it also rips off The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (chainsaw killings), and Halloween (the dark blue coveralls). The acting here is also the worst of the worst. It's terrible. I can't even begin to talk about how awful this movie is. The part that's even more sad is that they had the nerve to make a sequel to it (don't expect that to go in the library. The only reason this movie is in the library at all is to warn others of it). But honestly, how can you turn this into a franchise?

So, you've read my take on the film. Don't believe me? Well, then go and rent it for yourself. Wait, don't do that, it's a waste of your three dollars. Avoid this movie at all costs. Either that or rent it just so you have the joy to laugh at how stupid it is.

Review courtesy of Horror Stop (posted sometime in ~2005).

It's just too good. All the reasons the review listed for why the movie sucks are the same reasons why it's beloved to so many others. Cheers!

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