About BMF

Welcome to Bloody Murder Films, the internet's ONLY Bloody Murder website. Why is there a fan site for an obscure early 2000s camp slasher franchise, you ask? Well, that's simple: I love the BM movies.

BMF was started in 2003 and went through many different looks and changes. It's been more or less a passion project for myself. In the early days, our message board became a great place to meet others who enjoyed the same kind of cheap, knock-off cinema. And a place where, believe it or not, aspiring writers and filmmakers could meet.

Two of our very own forum members teamed up to write a camp slasher called Camp Nightmare, and that script was eventually produced and released under the title Sparrow. How cool is that?

Running BMF has afforded me many cool opportunities which probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. Over the 15+ years I've had this site, I've come in contact and been contacted by many of the people involved in the making of the movies (cast, crew, etc.).

One of my dreams would be to one day visit the filming locations of the first two movies. Maybe one day.

For a bit of nostalgia, here's my original "welcome to" message from BMF's very first incarnation:
This is the home of the extremely dissed Bloody Murder franchise. They're not trying to be the next Scream or Friday the 13th, just a decent b-type slasher flick. And I think that's what we deliver. On the site you will find info on the films and poster for each film. I will try to have some stills up soon. Oh, and we also have a forum!
And for the hell of it, here's an older banner I made in 2003 for link exchanges. I'd like to think my Photoshop skills have improved, slightly...

Enjoy your stay at camp.