The Butcher

The Butcher was originally written to be Bloody Murder 4, a direct sequel to The Graveyard, but it was also re-titled and slightly altered to be a standalone movie. There's no mention of Camp Placid Pines or Trevor Moorehouse, so there really is no connection to the Bloody Murder films other than the fact is was written to be one.
Where the highway ends, terror begins for six college students involved in a horrible car accident.  Stranded, the friends seek help at an isolated farm-house -- only to discover a horrifying family secret.  A secret they wished remained a skeleton in the closet.

Myiea Coy...Sophie
April Gilbert...Sarah
Ashley Rebecca Hawkins...Atlanta
Bill Jacobson...Franklin Mayhew
Tiffany Kristensen...Liz
April Lang...Mrs. Mayhew
Annie Mackay...Angel
Tom Nagel...Adam
Alan Ritchson...Mark
Nick Stellate...Sheriff
Pej Vahdat...Chip
Catherine Wreford...Rachel

July 11, 2006

Edward Gorsuch

Michael Hurst (as Ellis Walker)

Coming soon. In the meantime, here's a sample from the movie.
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