Happy New Year, Campers!

2023 has come and gone. 2024 is here. February 18 marks the 21st anniversary of Bloody Murder 2 and basically the 21st anniversary of this website as well. Time flies, man. Although we have yet to get an "official" BM3, the legacy and reach the films have had are still making an impact today. 

Tubi (a free streaming service) is basically this generation's "New Releases" wall in the horror section of Blockbuster Video. There are HUNDREDS of low-budget indie titles to browse through and enjoy. Surely someone has found their own Bloody Murder hidden in the masses...there are tons of camp slashers on that service!

The rights with the BM films are a mess, but who knows, maybe 2024 is the year we get something Trevor Moorehouse/Camp Placid Pines related.

The ole message board has had a little life kicked into it this past year, with fans sharing new content all the time. Social media apps like YouTube, Instagram, X, and Letterboxd has been a good place to find new fans and haters of our beloved franchise. It's always a joy seeing people discover the series 20+ years later.

Here's to '24!

Happy New Year!

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